About us

Our Boat

Bravo is 1983 35-ft Wauquiez Pretorien. I can’t spell it half the time, but its one fine and trusty blue water boat.  She’s been a part of Andy’s extended family for over 18 years and has a number of races, a season in the Caribbean, and 2 Trans Pacs under her belt (her hull?). Here are some of her specs:

  • Builder: Chantiers Wauquiez
  • Designer: Holman & Pye
  • Year Built: 1983
  • Model: Pretorien 35
  • Type: Auxiliary Sail, sloop
  • Hailing Port: San Francisco, California
  • LOA: 35’ 5”
  • Draft: 6’
  • Outfitted with 200 W solar, 500 W wind generator, Garmin GPS, Iridium GO! satellite communications, PredictWind navigation software and tracking, SSB, water maker, VHF-AIS radio



Andy_2 Captain Andy is one of those people who manages to pull off miracles. He is positive, resilient and solution oriented. Give him a piece of gum and a shoe string and he’ll find a way to build you a new icebox, fix the head and re-wire the boat. His introduction to sailing was as a kid in Lake Tahoe and was then mentored over the years by his cousin Aaron. “It’s good to be Andy” was a common phrase in the Blakeslee household. He’s been holding on to this dream to sail since he was 14 years old, and he finally gets to accomplish it.



It’s a good thing this native Costa Rican does yoga, since boat repairs seem to require contorting one’s body into inhuman positions.  Her introduction to sailing was 90 hours of continuous beating into the wind from Los Angeles to San Francisco and the fact that didn’t scare her away shows she’s resilient. She’s devoted her career to protecting the environment and is looking forward to the outdoor nature-fueled adventure this sabbatical is sure to bring.