Day 16

With the doldrums behind us, conditions are starting to pick up again. We are entering another area of squalls, so we are keeping a close eye on the weather. We rounded up on the spinnaker with an out-of-nowhere gust but made a quick recovery and doused. With lighter winds in the forecast we swapped the… Continue reading Day 16


Day 15 – from Pollywogs to Shellbacks

I bring you news as newly anointed Shellbacks. Today at 2020 UTC, coordinates 0°00.000 South 130°00.000 West, Bravo and crew crossed the Equator, thereby transitioning from lowly Pollywogs to distinguished Shellbacks. As dictated by tradition and as the sole Shellback onboard, Captain Andy led the ceremony. We asked the Gods for forgiveness for our Pollywaggery,… Continue reading Day 15 – from Pollywogs to Shellbacks


Day 13

That is right, 13 days at a row!  That’s 312 hours, 18,720 minutes, 1,123,200 seconds. But who’s counting? We are motor-sailing through the doldrums, keeping an eye out for squalls, catching up on sleep and drying all of our gear. The inside of Bravo looks like a laundromat. Except it smells less of lavender and… Continue reading Day 13