Should I blog?

As an avid podcast listener, I love the power of good storytelling and I respect how great writing can carry you outside of your world into someone else’s, where in turn something unexpected can open up. I can hear this post being narrated by the voice and cadence of Sarah Koenig from Serial, but then again that would make this story a murder mystery – so, never mind.

I’ve hesitated to write a blog. There are thousands of blogs out there, what would make ours unique? There are hundreds of sailors that came before us, and hundreds out there now. Our story will not be special. But it will be ours. We will do our best to make this time count. We will do our best to do this story justice.

So, despite my better judgement we have created this blog, and hope that you enjoy coming along for the ride. I’m writing to document the adventure of our lifetime. To one day remember what it was like to pick a path outside of the norm and go for it. To remember what it was like to be both afraid and courageous. For the future me to have a chance to trace back the moment I became who I’ll become. I want my nieces to have a story to read, and find the courage to write their own. So, for them, yes, for them I’ll write.