Who’s hungry?

Meals are such an important part of sailing. The crew needs to stay nourished and a nice meal or a surprise snack from back home can be huge morale boosters (wink wink nudge nudge for any future visitors).

We have been eating pretty well so far (if I don’t say so myself). Bravo left the US fully loaded with staples and goodies from Costco and Trader Joes, and our new grill was finally being christened with flavor (e.g. bacon fat). On our route to Cabo, despite a well provisioned icebox, we still wanted to enjoy the thrill of our fist catch. In the month prior to departure, Aaron made it clear that catching and filleting your first fish was a right-of-passage. Bravo is equipped with two hand lines, a fishing pole and a guide book to fish of the Pacific Ocean. We got this [—] close to catching 2 dorado, they simultaneously hooked on to the lines, their size and color unmistakable, and as quickly as they hooked on they escaped. We did however manage to catch mackerel, sierra, jacks, tuna and plenty of bonito. Bonito are not considered to be that special and they are not very tasty when grilled. A friendly guy at the Santa Barbara dive shop, where I purchased said guidebook, told us bonito made great poke… and he was right! This tasty treat has become a staple onboard.

Fish On!
Brook’s first catch


‘Deathwish’ poke. Thank you Deathwish.


Out of respect for the fish, we will spare you more details.