Day 4

One of the benefits of last watch is that I get to see the sun rise. Just as serene as sunsets, the first hues of orange and pink brings promises of a new day. And a lonesome sail. SV Tioga is less than 1.3 nm away and looks beautiful among this backdrop.

Squint and you’ll see Tioga

We had perfect conditions today and hoisted the spinnaker, which allowed us to keep a pretty decent pace at lower winds. With smaller swells the ride is much more comfortable and I didn’t find myself bouncing off Bravo’s walls. By mid-day our gap with Tioga grew and they are now outside of our visual and AIS range but we are still in communication with them and our other buddy boats (both ahead and behind us). On a high note, we made fresh bread today and on an ultra-low note, one of our 120 eggs came out fertilized so…yeah…not cool farmer dude who promised this would not happen.

We are right on the fringe of the trade winds and are strategizing how to keep up our speed to stay within them. The sun is beginning to set in front of us and we are about to hit the 500 nautical mile mark. All is great on Bravo.


Good night everyone. Until tomorrow, Bravo out.


  • Date: 3/20/18
  • Time: 0000 UTC
  • Position: 16°26.6 N 112°37.3 W
  • Course (Heading): 240 T
  • Speed:  7 knots
  • Wind direction and speed: NNE 10 knots
  • Swell direction and height: N 1-3 ft
  • Cloud cover: 0%
  • Barometer (hPA): 1011
  • Status:  all well
  • Distance traveled (nm): 496
  • Distance to go (nm): 2210


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