Ode to B

Do you remember the day we almost smashed you into a swinging trimaran? We do!

How about all those times dolphins swam at your bow, and sea lions chomped on the sea grass growing on your belly? Oh my goodness, and the bioluminescence? That was wild! How about the time we beat all of our friends at the Tonga beer can race? When Andy rounded you up going through the Golden Gate? How about when we surfed a wave on the spinnaker and hit 16 knots over ground in the middle of the Pacific? That was fun. Sorry for all of the flying fish that landed on you and birds that pooped on your deck. We tried to keep them away. How do you feel now, that we ate all of the Trader Joe’s provisions that made you bob like a rubber ducky out the Gate? Lighter, huh? We were pretty happy all that lightning missed us on the way into our last port. I bet you were thrilled. We saw so much, didn’t we? From the ice-cold waters of Baja to the ice-cold waters of Southport, with a nice warm crystal-clear pit stop along the way.

B, this has been the best year of our lives, and in no small part is this thanks to you. You took us to the most amazing places. You kept us dry and safe. You gave us a home. We will miss you.

You get to cruise Australian waters now, good for you! Just keep an eye on the wildlife, they say everything is Australia is trying to kill you.

Love, A&M





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