Day 7

We are a third of the way there! Yeah!!

Our spinnaker wrapped around the forestay and Matt helped untangle it. That was exciting.

We saw big blue ocean. That was exciting.

We listened to 80’s classics and cheesy 90’s music. That was exciting.

We’ve been riding waves this afternoon, hitting speeds of 9-10 knots. That was exciting.

A bird few over us, pooped on our deck, squawked and flew away. We think he was laughing at us. That was exciting.

We caught our first fish! A 15 lb skipjack. Book mentioned it wasn’t good eating so we released it quickly and it swam off. That was totally exciting.

Meet Skippy. In retrospect, we should have kept you.

That’s all I have for today.

Until tomorrow, Bravo out.


  • Date: 3/23/18
  • Time: 0020 UTC
  • Position: 12°56.4’ N 118°12.3’ W
  • Course (Heading): 250 T
  • Speed:  8 knots
  • Wind direction and speed: ENE 12 knots
  • Swell direction and height: NE 4-6 ft
  • Cloud cover: 0%
  • Barometer: 1014 hPA
  • Status:  all well
  • Distance traveled (nm): 924
  • Distance to go (nm): 1782


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