Day 9 (It’s Snickers Sunday!)

Happy birthday to Andy’s mom!

We woke up today to a visit from friendly and curious dolphins. I missed them! It was a welcome surprise to this otherwise monotonous scenery.

Today we each treated ourselves to a Snickers bar. I’d say this brought back an opportunity to practice mindfulness but that would be a lie. A bold fat lie. We tore into this chocolate like people who have been out at sea for 9 days in a row, left decorum aside and acted like the savages that we are. And let me tell you what. I. Feel. No. Shame. 😉

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It’s Snickers Sunday!

On another note, how to keep flying fish outside your cabin was not an action item on my Puddle Jump to do list. Seeing how it’s become a recurring theme, it should have been. I regret to report that round 2 was not a heroic rescue. RIP beautiful flying fish. I hope my sleeping bag brought you comfort. I will be unable to forget you, thank you for the lovely stench you left behind.

Cool. Thanks for the stench.

On yet another note, Lukens continued being awesome at all levels, as to be expected.

Good night everyone. Until tomorrow, Bravo out.


  • Date: 3/25/18
  • Time: 0000 UTC
  • Position: 10°19.9’ N 122°02.0’W
  • Course (Heading): 215 T
  • Speed:  6 knots
  • Wind direction and speed: ENE 12 knots
  • Swell direction and height: NE 4-6 ft
  • Cloud cover: 40%
  • Barometer: 1010 hPA
  • Status:  All well
  • Distance traveled (nm): 1223
  • Distance to go (nm): 1661


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