Day 13

That is right, 13 days at sea…in a row!  That’s 312 hours, 18,720 minutes, 1,123,200 seconds. But who’s counting?

We are motor-sailing through the doldrums, keeping an eye out for squalls, catching up on sleep and drying all of our gear. The inside of Bravo looks like a laundromat. Except it smells less of lavender and more of boat. The day has been mellow and we have more miles behind us than ahead, so all is good.

Many of my posts make reference to food…clearly a passion (obsession?) of mine. I got my love for food from my dad, and with such a need to be self-sufficient this interest has been magnified.

My goal is to eat my way through travels, get to know a place by its food. Food is universal yet so intimate…global yet culturally specific. If my heart belongs to Mexico in the form of a perfectly executed taco al pastor with a mixed berry margarita and for dessert a flan from the back of Don Chonito’s truck, then I guess ocean passages taste like cabbage.



I made a pledge for a zero waste passage, and in 13 days we’ve accumulated only 4 cans. Our first weeks were designed to be supplied by lots of produce, consuming what would perish first. We joked that we would be eating rice and fish or fish with rice, and then to mix it up some fish with a side of rice…except this assumes you are actually catching said fish. We’ve been eating a pretty varied vegan diet so far. On perishables, 13 days into this we are down to lemons, apples, a handful of cucumbers, carrots, potatoes, onions, and enough cabbage to take us around the globe.

“Get lots of cabbage” they said.

 “It lasts forever” they said.

The problem with buying 12 cabbages is that now you have to eat 12 cabbages. Braised, slawed or souped, how would you like your cabbage today? Small tears accumulate as it tests my will, bringing back memories of the days in Bolivia volunteering for Water for People where all we were fed was fried chicken. My goodness…why? My commitment to environmental values is being tested by a cruciferous vegetable.

It taunts me as I walk past it, all unspoiled and proud. Cabbage with rice, in a soup, braised in apple cider, braised with apples, salad with apples, slaw with mango, slaw with piña, mayo-based slaw, Asian-style slaw, ramen-style slaw, braised and over sesame noodles, instead of lettuce in a wrap or sandwich…I’ve done them all and the well of ideas has now run dry.

I hate you.

… I don’t know how to end this post because there is currently no plot line in which the character in this story defies all odds and conquers thy cabbage. So, excuse me as I go make dinner. We are having cabbage.


  • Date: 3/29/18
  • Time: 0000 UTC
  • Position: 3°01.2’N 127°51.9’W
  • Course (Heading): 215 T
  • Speed:  5.5 knots
  • Wind direction and speed: E 6 knots
  • Swell direction and height: NW 1-3 ft
  • Cloud cover: 85 %
  • Barometer: 1012 hPA
  • Status: crying a tear over cabbage
  • Distance traveled (nm): 1801
  • Distance to go (nm): 1094


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